About us

One of the business line of Group of our companies which established itself in the Ukrainian domestic market in the field of construction chemicals, plumbing, door fittings is the export of agro products from Ukraine to the European and Asian countries.

Ukraine – one of the major agricultural countries, which provides to the global market agro products conforming to the international quality standards. In many agricultural areas our country is world leader. Ukraine is largest sunflower oil producer in Europe. About 60% of sunflower oil in the world produced in Ukraine. We are the world’s third largest producers of barley. Also our country already more than one year is one among largest exporters of wheat.

Our company specialization is international trade of agricultural products directly from producers. Extensive partnerships allow us to meet all the requirements of our customers, and continuously expand our product range.

Our staff can provide you with all the information you need about the characteristics of product, production process, delivery terms, forms of payment and give you our best offer.